Dexter the Peacock
Dexter the Peacock

Emotional support animals people have tried to bring on planes

Fake comfort pets have become such a problem for airlines that Delta had to spell out what animals are not allowed onto a flight. It's a long list...

Rachel Gillett
Business Insider
Wednesday 31 January 2018 14:44

A woman tried (unsuccessfully) to bring a peacock onto a United flight recently, reportedly claiming that it was an emotional support animal, which would allow the animal to fly for free.

But if you thought this was the strangest animal someone has tried to bring on board an airplane, you might be wrong.

United would not let the peacock onto its flight, saying that the animal did not meet the airline's guidelines.

And, it turns out, fake emotional support animals have been such a problem for airlines that Delta has had to be quite specific about what animals are not allowed on a flight.

Still, that's not to say people haven't tried.

Here are some of the strangest animals people have attempted (successfully or not) to bring on planes:


A very large spider


A turkey

Live lobster

A duck

A chicken

A rooster


“A customer tried to bring a baby kangaroo on the plane as a service animal,” a retired airline customer service agent with 18 years of experience told Business Insider.

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