Champagne? Flying first-class comes with perks
Champagne? Flying first-class comes with perks

Passenger pays £60 to fly on Emirates’ ‘shortest first-class flight’

YouTuber experiences a perk-filled 75 minutes

Helen Coffey@LenniCoffey
Thursday 22 April 2021 17:12

A traveller has shared his experience of flying first-class on one of Emirates’ shortest routes offering the service.

YouTuber Ben Morris paid just £60 for the 1hr 15m journey from Dubai to Bahrain, despite having access to all the top-tier perks.

He filmed the experience and shared the video online; it has garnered more than 300,000 views at the time of writing.

“I tried out Emirates' cheapest, shortest first-class flight and tried to sell items from the flight on eBay to make some money back,” he captioned the footage.

The video shows Mr Morris heading to the airport three hours before his flight to make the most of the first-class lounge.

It transpires that he bagged the ticket so cheaply because he paid for it mainly with points – meaning he doesn’t qualify for the chauffeur transfer service to the airport that top-tier passengers would usually receive.

Mr Morris reveals that business and first-class Emirates passengers get their own section to check-in, meaning there’s no need to wait in line.

He then makes the most of the lounge amenities, ordering an avocado and salmon toast (plus poached eggs on a muffin), and even booking a complimentary 15-minute back massage, one of a number of spa services offered to guests.

“How unnecessary, but also cool,” he says.

First-class passengers are also entitled to a free buggy service to take them to their gate – but Mr Morris forgoes this luxury and walks the 10 minutes instead.

Once on the plane, he accepts his complimentary champagne and gets to know his fully adjustable 23-inch seat better.

It comes with a stocked mini-bar, mirror, lamps and air-con, plus can be turned into a bed using an electronic control panel.

However, most travellers can’t experience this level of luxury for just £60 – Morris explains that he used 28,750 air miles to get such a cheap ticket.

A search for the same flight next month, first-class, showed a price tag of AED 4,990 (£980).

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