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Tourists handed £700 bill for calamari and beers at ‘rip-off’ Mykonos restaurant

‘Avoid this place at all costs!’ warn furious New Yorkers

Helen Coffey
Friday 24 May 2019 16:14 BST
Tourists outraged by £700 bill for calamari and beers at ‘rip-off’ Mykonos restaurant

An American tourist was left shocked after being presented with an €836 (£738) bill for some calamari and beers at a restaurant in Mykonos.

The visitor from Brooklyn shared a picture of the bill from DK Oyster restaurant on TripAdvisor.

“This place is a rip off,” he wrote. “The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! No pun intended.”

The bill shows the group were charged €591 for six plates of calamari, working out at €98.50 per serving; €150 for six local beers (€25 per drink); and €59.40 for three chicken Caesar salads (€19.80 per salad).

They also ordered two bottles of water at €9 a pop and an €18 tomato juice.

The notorious bill (TripAdvisor/ciscorock)

The Greek island eatery has a four-star rating on the review site, despite many of the more recent ratings giving it one star and saying it is best avoided.

“Ridiculous prices, €20 euros for a glass of wine!” reads one. “They will try and avoid giving you a menu, the €14.80 offer is a ploy to draw you in! Some fish dishes are charged per gram, but this is not told to you.”

Several others also uploaded pictures of receipts: one shows a €15 charge for a Sprite; another lists a €385 for a single dish, the “Tomahawk USA”.

It’s not the first time a tourist has claimed of being ripped off while eating abroad.

Last week a restaurant in Rome came under fire for charging tourists £70 for two burgers and three coffees.

A picture of the receipt for the pricey meal at Caffe Vaticano, near the Vatican, was circulated on social media.

It breaks down the cost as being €50 for two burgers, €8 each for two cappuccinos, €8 for an Americano and a €7.40 service charge – a total of €81.40 (£71.30).

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