‘You’ve got this’: Woman writes supportive note to mum on plane after ‘grumpy’ passenger moans

Kind stranger voices support after fellow passenger made ‘narky comments’

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Thursday 12 January 2023 13:36 GMT
‘You’re a great mum’, she said in a Facebook post
‘You’re a great mum’, she said in a Facebook post (Facebook/ @Kel Ly)

An Australian woman has shared a supportive message she wrote to a stranger she saw travelling solo with her children on a flight.

After witnessing a fellow passenger’s “grumpy” behaviour towards a mother of two, a Facebook user named Kelly shared words of support for the woman on community page Canberra Notice Board Group.

“To the beautiful mum of two little ones (James? 3 and little girl about 1yrs old) on JQ656 from Brisbane in seats 3D,E,F this afternoon,” the post starts.

“I’m so sorry that crusty man sitting next to my husband got grumpy.

“You’re a great mum,” the kind stranger wrote to Kelly.

“You’re so brave flying solo with two little ones. You didn’t deserve his narky comments.”

She added a photo of a handwritten note saying: “You’re a great mum, don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise,” and “You’ve got this”.

A woman named Kelly shared an open letter to a mother on her flight
A woman named Kelly shared an open letter to a mother on her flight (Facebook/Canberra Notice Board Group)

The social media user also posted a picture of her flight ticket which shows she and the stranger were flying from Brisbane to Canberra with Jetstar on Sunday (January 8).

Explaining the reason for sharing the post in the Facebook group, Kelly said: “I wrote this note and was going to give it to you at baggage collection but couldn’t find you.

“I really hope this finds you - wherever you are.”

She finished by saying: “Just to know that I am in your corner and [to not let it] scare you [off] flying again. Don’t let him spoil your sparkle.”

The post attracted more than 1,200 likes and 49 comments, with many Canberra-based air travellers praising the woman for her thoughtfulness.

A user named Rachel commented: “I know who this is and have passed on the message.”

Meanwhile Anne Therese questioned: “Did anyone step in to assist while on the plane or put the grumpy guy back in his place? It’s definitely hard flying with toddlers and support at the time would help. But nice gesture.”

A mother named Milly replied: “People can be so cruel on airplanes!! This post has made me feel better about flying with my kids as I take my 2 on my own regularly and my kids are always chaotic and crazy and I get super embarrassed it’s nice to know the majority of people don’t mind and understand kids will be kids.”

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