The ten best children's travel games

Chosen,Nikki Dodds,High Life
Thursday 20 October 2011 08:24

1 Pocket Etch A Sketch £6.99

This retro classic has a new slimline look. Children can draw whatever they want, wherever they want for hours with no paper or mess.; 020-8643 0320

2 Travel Hungry Hippos £4.99

This marble-munching game is now available in a portable version. An excellent way to pass the Hungry Hippos on to the next generation.; 08003 287 007

3 Soccer Sports Dice


A brilliant buy for football fans. Throw the dice to earn free kicks and penalties and use the counters to keep the score.; 020-7254 0100

4 21 Travel Games £5.99

A great compendium; it has 21 ways to keep a carload entertained for hours with games such as bingo, Span the Bridge and Travel Tennis.; 020-7292 9750

5 Bop It Extreme II


Popular with children - and adults because it makes a great drinking game - "Bop It" has new speakers and the option to plug in headphones.; 08003 287 007

6 Trivial Pursuit Genus Bitesize £7.99

This favourite can now go on the road. Play the family version, then add cards and play the Genus edition when they've gone to bed.; 08003 287 007

7 Simpsons Travel Trivia £4.99

Simpsons fans will love this. How much does Bart get for his blood on Skid Row? Find the answers here.; 020-7262 9696

8 Doctor Who Top Trumps £3.99

Play the Cybermen vs the Sycorax warriors, or the howling Werewolf vs the carnivorous Krillitanes. But will the Daleks top-trump them all?; 020-7262 9696

9 Go Play Hangman £5.99

Baffle your opponent with a film, movie star, book or historical figure. This classic can now be played on the move with magnetic tiles.; 01202 821 252

10 Pocket Solitaire £9.99

This gadget fits in the palm of your hand, allows you to pit your wits against the clock and has a light for night-time play.; 01992 503 133

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