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Woman stopped before getting on flight because her passport photo is too ‘hot’

The traveller almost missed her flight because of the confusion

Natalie Wilson
Monday 12 June 2023 18:07 BST
<p>Alisha Marie went bare-faced and casual to travel from Istanbul </p>

Alisha Marie went bare-faced and casual to travel from Istanbul

Passport pictures are usually an outdated and embarrassing reminder that even the most photogenic of us doesn’t fare well when forced to pose without smiling under harsh lighting – and the big reveal at border control is often done with a grimace.

On the flip side, one woman recently felt the scrutiny of airport security because her passport photo was “too hot”.

In a viral video shared to social media, Alisha Marie, 30, says: “They almost didn’t let me on my flight because they said I don’t look like my passport.”

She warned, referencing her attractive passport snap: “This is why you should never do hot photos for your passport because I don’t look like this.”

The embarrassing encounter delayed the passenger from boarding her flight.

The LA beauty blogger and influencer uploaded the video on TikTok, since viewed 14.5 million times, with the caption, “I’ve never been SO HUMBLED IN MY LIFE.”

To travel to the airport in Istanbul she sported a casual black outfit and a bare face.

However, in Ms Marie’s passport photo, full-glam make-up and a styled fringe cover her face, with the photo and the reality looking decidedly different.

Thankfully, she was able to board her flight in time for take-off, despite the delay.

One user replied: “I’m amazed they let you use that as a passport photo… you’re not allowed to have your hair cover your eyebrows because they have to see the whole face.”

“The passport makeup is catching up to y’all”, another wrote, in reference to viral passport makeup tutorials that trended on TikTok in 2022 by creators such as Georgia Barratt, detailing how to achieve the most flattering photo.

The ‘hot’ passport photo in question

Requirements for passport photos have relaxed since the pandemic as DIY photos replace limited takes at a passport photo booth. Make-up is allowed, but there are still rules against smiling and hair covering any part of your face in the picture.

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