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These are the most-viewed destinations on TikTok

London claimed the third spot on the list of most-watched TikTok trips

Lucy Thackray
Thursday 28 July 2022 10:35 BST
Dubai’s Marina and beaches
Dubai’s Marina and beaches (Getty Images)
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The most viewed travel destination on the video-sharing platform TikTok has been revealed, in new data published this month.

The TikTok Travel Index 2022, compiled by luggage storage firm Bounce, listed the top 50 places viewed in videos on the social media platform, as well as the top 10 travel influencers.

The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai was found to be the most tagged in TikTok videos, with 81.8 billion views.

Perennial favourite New York City was in second place, with 59.5 billion views (a huge 22 billion views fewer than the glitzy UAE hangout).

The US city break favourite had topped the same list last year, with 216 billion views, but was usurped by Dubai (formerly in second place).

In third place was London, viewed 36.8 billion times in TikTok videos as of 5 July. Rounding out the top five were Istanbul (34 billion) and Paris (33 billion).

Researchers tracked videos hashtagged with the name of each destination to find the most viewed.

The US had a strong presence at the top of the list, with New York, Miami, Los Angeles , Chicago and Las Vegas all featured in the top 15.

Less predictable destinations in the top 20 included Medellín, Colombia - a rising star on the travel scene - and Ankara in Turkey.

Bounce also narrowed down the most influential TikTok users in travel, naming Mexico-based Alex Ojeda as the most popular.

Mr Ojeda, who posts video previews of wacky cruise ships, theme parks and adventure travel experiences such as bungee jumping, has 8.1 million followers.

Bounce estimated his earnings per TikTok post to be $8,001 (£6,566) - the next most viewed travel TikToker, Julia Thompson, had a substantially smaller following at 2.7 million and projecting per-post earnings of $2,701 (£2,217).

In third place was Jorden Tually, with the same amount of followers and estimated earnings-per-post as Ms Thompson. Mr Tually has since increased his follower count to 2.8 million.

The top 20 most viewed destinations on TikTok:

  1. Dubai (81.8bn)
  2. New York City (59.5bn)
  3. London (36.8bn)
  4. Istanbul (34bn)
  5. Paris (33bn)
  6. Miami (24.6bn)
  7. Los Angeles (20.8bn)
  8. Chicago (17.9bn)
  9. Toronto (17.1bn)
  10. Madrid (16bn)
  11. Ankara (15.9bn)
  12. Berlin (14.9bn)
  13. Las Vegas (13bn)
  14. Houston (11.6bn)
  15. Medellín (11.5bn)
  16. Sydney (11.4bn)
  17. Lima (11.3bn)
  18. Melbourne (10.4bn)
  19. Naples (10.3bn)
  20. Mumbai (10.1bn)

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