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Simon Calder@SimonCalder
Saturday 02 April 2016 09:01

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Q I'm planning to get to Cuba before the Americans take over. Is May a good time?

A No. The heat and humidity are rising ahead of the Caribbean storm season, which usually begins in June and continues to early November. You may also find that air fares are rising. Far better to wait until late November, in my view easily the best time to be in Cuba: the weather is usually sunny and fresh, the tourist crowds have abated and you can find good-value air fares and package-holiday prices. While it is certainly true that the number of US visitors is increasing rapidly, and outbidding the Europeans for accommodation, if you sign up for a trip organised by a British tour operator in November I believe you will have a smooth, good-value and fascinating trip. Meanwhile, if you want a cultured, beautiful and friendly island in May - let me recommend Malta, Madeira, Mallorca, Sicily or Crete. They are all perfect at that time of year.

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