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Friday 24 October 2014 11:15

Blackpool airport closes

Airports constitute prestige for cities and towns, and put them on the map – Luton is a good example. The UK has too many airports. Cambridge and Coventry will continue because of the many aviation-related services on the sites. Sadly some others will have to go if they do not pay their way or cannot find an economic reason to exist.

Malcolm Ginsberg

The key word is "hub". Passengers arriving off a local/regional/European airline need to walk straight on to their connecting flight to wherever. Blackpool, with the best will in the world, cannot offer that. Jools Aitch

Comparing Blackpool with rival airports, you talk about the fame of "Manchester and Liverpool because of the football clubs, and in the case of the latter, The Beatles": I initially read it as Manchester being famous for its football clubs and Liverpool for The Beatles. As a Mancunian, this was wonderful.

Stuart Buxton

Newquay airport

The pie-in-the-sky idea of a spaceport may have a one-in-seven chance but would it really generate enough to bring this £3m-a-year loss-making airport into profit? I think not.


Ebola screening in Britain

The only effective way to stop Ebola entering the UK is to stop the airlines and other transport systems completely until a sufficient length of time has elapsed. Surely air travel, save for medical personnel, could be sacrificed for 30 days?

Mr Loopy

Quarantine at departure port in the infected area is the only realistic measure that can be taken.


You are missing the point. This is not a medical exercise, but a political one designed to appease the xenophobes who think all foreigners are a risk.


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