Woman urinates on plane after claiming cabin crew wouldn’t let her use the toilet

‘I cannot hold the pee,’ says passenger

Benjamin Parker
Thursday 27 July 2023 10:48 BST
A clip of the incident has been widely shared online
A clip of the incident has been widely shared online (AIRLIVE/YouTube/Getty)

A passenger has been filmed urinating on the floor of a plane cabin in footage shared online.

The woman, who can be seen squatting in a corner with her trousers down, claimed that flight attendants would not let her use the toilets onboard for a number of hours.

The clip was uploaded by aviation website Airlive, which reported that it was filmed on a Spirit Airlines flight. The location of the plane, and its departure and arrival points, are unknown.

The unnamed woman can be heard blaming the cabin crew, saying: “I need to piss two hours. You tell me I cannot. You close the doors.” She adds: “the plane is stopped,” and “I cannot hold the pee”.

A voice off-screen alerts the passenger to her being filmed, telling her to “say hello to the camera”, to which she replies: “You can do whatever you want, you can send a warrant – arresting me is better than this.”

Another voice can be heard directing a snide comment towards the passenger, telling her that she needs to drink more water as “her pee smells disgusting”.

The Independent has contacted the airline for comment.

This year has seen a disturbing trend of people relieving themselves on aircraft.

In June, a man was arrested for allegedly urinating and defecating on the floor of a Delhi-bound Air India flight. The incident followed another passenger travelling in business class with Emirates complaining that her journey from Dubai to Sydney was ruined after another passenger “looked like he was going to urinate” on her.

A man travelling from New York to Delhi went a step further by allegedly urinating on a fellow passenger during a mid-air argument. The perpetrator had become inebriated on board the American Airlines flight before taking the drastic action.

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