You did not sleep there: This woman is calling out illogical campsites on Instagram

Canadian woman knows you did not sleep there

Ravneet Ahluwalia
Thursday 27 July 2017 16:57 BST
Fake beach campers are being called out on instagram
Fake beach campers are being called out on instagram

Ever scroll through your social media feed and wonder how some travellers manage to make camping look like a glossy magazine shoot?

Instead of being impressed by beautiful images that bear no resemblance to real life, one woman decided to step up and call out the fakers.

Luisa set up the account @youdidnotsleepthere to celebrate “Instagram's most illogical campsites”. The combination of gravity-defying images and her hilarious captions have helped her amass some 35,000 followers.

The idea came about when she was on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Speaking to Field Magazine, the 28-year-old said: “My friend was like, 'Let’s set the tent up over here and take a picture.' And I was like, 'What? Why are you doing that?' And she was like, 'People do that all the time!'

“I was completely caught off guard and thought it was just the most ridiculous thing ever, but when we got back home I started noticing how much people really do do that, and I started looking at photos wondering if they were actually legit.”

At the start she admits to having to scavenge for snaps, but after two years she is now flooded with images which she sorts through.

She lists her bugbears as long exposure night shots with the light in the tent, camping really close to water and hammocks in ridiculous places. “I just feel like it’s all so cliche now. But people still eat it up, which is insane. The people love it. I mean how many times can you look at the same style of photo to get inspired?”

Shaming famous travellers for their fake shots has not been plain sailing. She has been blocked by travel photographers Scott Krantz and Chris Burkard and "global community" account Socality but takes it in her stride. “I do know that when people started blocking me I was like, Ahh this is what I’m talking about! Shout out to Scott Kranz.”

And shout out to @youdidnotsleepthere – for helping real, dowdy tent dwellers pitch up with a little more confidence.

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