Cruise company asks kids aged 11 and under to test the holidays of the future

Research shows that 7 out of 10 parents asked their children before deciding on where to go on holiday

Doug Shields
Tuesday 22 May 2018 18:32
Kids design their perfect cruise ship

Children are now calling the shots when it comes to choosing family holiday destinations, a poll has found.

The survey found seven out of 10 parents now consult their kids before deciding where they will go. However, more than 40 per cent admitted to ignoring their children’s advice and opting to go somewhere else, only to later regret it.

Nine out of 10 respondents put the holiday happiness of their kids before that of themselves.

The survey also found that while more than 60 per cent of respondents said relaxing on the beach was one of the main things they enjoyed about being on holiday, more than half said that waterslides and action-packed activities were top of their children’s wish list.

Additionally, it emerged that children have on average, visited four European cities, flown long-haul three times and been skiing twice - all before their tenth birthday. They have also been on an average of two cruises, four ferries and seven aeroplanes.

More than eight in 10 parents felt their children were lucky that their horizons had been widened by travelling to other places.

However, 83 per cent complained their children had no idea how lucky they were to have all the trips away and holidays that they do.

The study was carried out by Royal Caribbean International to celebrate the creation of their expert panel, of children to shape the holidays of the future, dubbed the Little Extraordinaires.

Aged between 7 and 11, they will test the Independence of the Seas following the ship’s multi-million-pound makeover.

‘’Not only do they exert a powerful influence on their Generation X parents – who are extremely tuned into their well-being and personal development, but they are a generation that care more for experiences than possessions," said generational expert Dr Paul Redmond. ‘’Moreover, as a generation which has grown up with more digital technology at their fingertips than NASA used to launch the Space Shuttle, they expect to see innovation embedded in the experiences around them."

The group will share their feedback directly with Royal Caribbean International’s President and CEO.

“It's so important that the travel industry listens to them - the annual, two week 'fly and flop' holiday on the beach is not going to cut it for them and holiday companies will need to take this into consideration when shaping the holidays of the future," Dr Redmond added.

The young crew are:

Lily, eldest daughter of globe-trotting Insta-family "Mini Travellers"

Maddy, eldest daughter of parenting and lifestyle blogger, "Mummy, Daddy and Me"

11-year old Ben from Southampton, who spent three months building a Lego model of Independence of the Seas

Luke Slattery, son of Irish travel blogger and expert, Sarah Slattery

Twins Rayan and Ayaan Jaffer who have already seen half the world courtesy of their travel-mad mum, Bijal, who works for the holiday company.


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