The private pool is the latest addition to the luxury condo

Currently priced from $3.5 million to $15 million

Jayna Rana
Friday 02 January 2015 18:25 GMT

You’re living in a luxury condo with state-of-the-art facilities and rooms bigger than most houses in the heart of a rich and diverse city. What more could you want?

A swimming pool on your balcony, apparently.

The latest frontier brought forward to stand out from the competition in high-rise buildings is the private pool.

Developers have previously tried to replicate outdoor spaces typically found in single-family homes by building rooftop kitchens and larger balconies but it is this most recent offering that has taken the world of luxury real-estate by storm.

On the day James Law Cybertecture, the Hong Kong based firm designing the Bandra Ohm, released their building plans, 1.2 million hits on their website caused their servers to crash. This high-rise block, which is expected to start being built next year, will include crescent-shaped pools on the balconies.

Christopher Anand, senior managing director of the Tavistock Group which is responsible for developing the Honeycomb building, says that pools are an attractive amenity and in turn, a huge selling point. Sales launched just four months ago but the firm has already sold 45 per cent Honeycomb’s units.

Unsurprisingly, these properties don't come cheap. Water is heavy and so extra support could cost around 20 per cent more to install. Honeycomb’s condos range from 2,500 to 5,800 square feet and are currently priced from $3.5 million to $15 million.

Whether or not the new concept will be successful in terms of both cost and design remains to be seen, who knows what luxurious additions developers will come up with next?

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