<p>Italy appeared to be a popular choice for a foodie trip</p>

Italy appeared to be a popular choice for a foodie trip

UK adults travel abroad for the food, poll reveals

The majority of those asked said they liked food from ‘all over the world’

Charlotte Minett
Thursday 01 July 2021 16:55

More than four in 10 adults travel abroad just for the food, with Italy, Greece and Thailand the top culinary destinations.

A poll of 2,000 adults found for nearly a quarter, cuisine is one of the biggest factors in their decision to venture overseas, and with 58 per cent booking holidays just because of the food on offer.

More than three in 10 love international food so much they have a bucket list of dishes they want to try.

The research was commissioned by speciality cooking oils brand U:ME, which aims to help home-cooks get creative in the kitchen.

It found that Italy is the most popular choice for a foodie holiday, with more than a quarter of adults keen to head there for the cuisine.

Nearly one in five want to head to neighbouring Greece while a few said they would opt for Thailand.

Spain, the USA and Mexico are also among the top choices for the holiday based on the food on offer, along with Japan, France, India and Morocco.

Ria Joyce, senior marketing manager for U:ME, said: “With travel on hold for so many of us, it is reassuring to know that we can still experience global cuisines by experimenting in the kitchen.

“Simple hacks like experimenting with different oils and using authentic ingredients can bring dishes to life and give a taste of that treasured holiday memory.”

It also emerged Britain is a nation of international food fanatics, with two thirds admitting to loving cuisine from ‘all over the world’.

As a result, a majority have missed going abroad and eating the local cuisine during the past 12 months.

This has seen some attempt to recreate a memorable meal from a holiday during lockdown, with others managing to get the recipe from talking to the locals during a previous visit.

The poll, carried out via OnePoll, also found that when on holiday, the average UK adult spends £35.20 a day on food – nearly £500 per person over a two-week trip.

Nearly half opt for dining in local independent restaurants, while a few ask locals for recommendations.

Two thirds even research where to eat before the trip has begun, with many likely to go out of their way to find a specific restaurant or cuisine while on their holidays.

Ria Joyce added: “There’s something special about cooking up a storm that you know is authentic to another culture, so U:ME is aiming to show how you can recreate those special travel memories - even while holidays remain off the cards.”


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