Why are we still, in 2018, having to fight for the right to die with dignity?

By failing to address assisted suicide through legislation, parliament has effectively abandoned thousands of people to a fate they wish to avoid at all costs

Caitlin Morrison
Wednesday 28 November 2018 17:56
Protests over assisted dying

Death is coming for all of us, but some people have a clearer idea of when they will take their last breath.

For many, that is a confounding idea how does one deal with knowing that they will soon cease to exist? It can be even harder to comprehend the growing number of people trying to choose exactly when and how they depart this world.

Euthanasia isn’t a new idea, of course. But debate around the concept has been stoked several times in recent years, as people have gone public to talk about their plans for death – and why the UK will not give its citizens the choice.

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