Disposable vapes are a headrush. Of course they should be banned!

A teenage Harry Torrance didn’t like the real thing and e-cigarettes weren’t much better. But then – boom! – he discovered fruit-flavoured vapes, and that’s when the trouble started…

Wednesday 06 December 2023 16:17 GMT
<p>According to a report by <em>The Tab</em>, a quarter of students are addicted to disposable vapes</p>

According to a report by The Tab, a quarter of students are addicted to disposable vapes

The first time I tried a cigarette, I was disgusted. The first time I tried an e-cigarette, I was underwhelmed – like sucking on a chemical-tasting USB stick. But the first time I tried a disposable vape, I was blown away.

It was as though I’d just inhaled an entire Tango Ice Blast. The headrush was instantaneous, my body felt beautifully buzzed – and I was just 16 years old.

Unlike many of my classmates, I never bought my own vapes, mainly due to fears of parental disownment if I ever got caught with one. I also stayed away from the school’s permanently foggy disabled toilets, commonly known as the ‘vape room’.

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