Who’d pay $99 to smell like Donald Trump? Eau d’Insurrection, anyone…?

As he prepares to run again for office – and pay $355m in fraud trial damages – the former president has launched his-and-her fragrances, with a gold stopper shaped like a quiffed head. Could Victory47 really be a splash-it-all-over hit, asks Rowan Pelling

Monday 19 February 2024 18:17 GMT
Donald Trump has launched a new fragrance, Victory47
Donald Trump has launched a new fragrance, Victory47 (Supplied)

I thought the most outlandish celebrity-scented product I’d see in my lifetime was Gwyneth Paltrow marketing a candle called This Smells Like My Vagina on her website Goop for $75. But, in a race to the, um, bottom, no one’s going to outdo the nuclear levels of toxic chutzpah wielded by Donald Trump.

The former president’s riposte to being fined $355m and deemed malodorous by former GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger is to launch Victory47, a new fragrance in For Him and For Her versions, at a mere $99 a pop. To put this name in its full audacious (some would say delusional) context, the next elected president of the US will be number 47 in its political lineage.

And while Trump may be leading the contenders, he hasn’t yet secured the nomination and faces a host of other lawsuits. So “coming up smelling of Trump” may yet mean a staycation in hotel clink.

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