The world needs an America that is ready to face up to the difficult tasks ahead

Editorial: Compared to Donald Trump, the new president is just what the US requires right now

Thursday 21 January 2021 01:36
<p>Joe Biden giving his inaugural address</p>

Joe Biden giving his inaugural address

So, he made it after all. After Joe Biden’s first run for the White House in 1988 – and despite the increasingly desperate efforts of Donald Trump – the will of the people prevailed, and the peaceful transfer of power was completed.

America can breathe out. The “uncivil war” and the Twitter madness is over, with Mr Trump back on the golf course. In his inaugural ceremonials, in sharp contrast to the one four years ago, President Biden proved that “politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire”.

At least for a time Mr Biden will succeed simply by not being Donald J Trump. That, after all, is how he got to win the White House. The Trump experiment – nationalist populism espoused by a man who had never previously held public office – has failed. Mr Trump did not make America great again.

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