There was little to celebrate out of the G20 summit – we cannot afford the same from Cop26

Editorial: The contrast between inaction over the climate crisis and the unprecedented international cooperation during the Covid-19 crisis is striking

Sunday 31 October 2021 21:30
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If all that were needed is agreement that our planet faces a great threat then the Cop26 conference, barely under way, would already be a tremendous success.

But words are no longer enough. Boris Johnson has said that if the summit in “Glasgow fails then the whole thing fails” and that the landmark Paris Agreement will have “crumpled at the first reckoning”.

It is progress of sorts to have the G20 recognise the reality of where we stand, with a communique out of this weekend’s summit in Rome speaking more definitively about the importance of keeping the global temperature rise to below the 1.5C target. But as Mr Johnson has acknowledged, the cause only “inched forward”.

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