The delay in Raab’s departure raises inevitable questions about Sunak’s judgement

Editorial: Even a cursory reading of the Tolley report shows a minister unfit for high office

Friday 21 April 2023 21:30 BST
(Dave Brown)

For a man who denies being a bully, Dominic Raab’s valedictory contribution to public life suggests that he is, at the very least, a sore loser and a man who lacks the usual ration of human self-awareness.

In what must count among the most rancorous of farewells, Mr Raab’s answer to Rishi Sunak’s characteristically gentle and overgenerous letter was the kind of aggressive, intemperate fusillade that got him into trouble in the first place.

The ironies are painful. By slamming the door on the way out, Mr Raab made one last display of bullying behaviour, towards Mr Sunak; and he topped even that by claiming that he himself had been bullied out of office.

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