The real victims of Prince Andrew’s interview are survivors of Epstein, not the royals

Editorial: Whatever the truth, one fact does not change. He remains the eighth in line to the throne. No embarrassment heaped upon himself, his family or his country is sufficient to change that fact

Sunday 17 November 2019 23:58
Prince Andrew claims that he was at Pizza Express on the day his accuser says she had sex with him

Most of Prince Andrew’s hour-long interview with Emily Maitlis was too ridiculous to be shocking, but shock should be the emotion that lasts.

More shocking even than the decision to agree to the interview, a decision over which the Prince’s PR adviser is understood to have warned against and then terminated his own employment, were the multiple opportunities he was given to condemn his former friend, and to empathise with his many victims, all of which were turned down.

With her very final question, Ms Maitlis asks the prince: “Is there anything you feel has been left unsaid that you would like to say now?”

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