The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is an exercise in gaslighting

Editorial: This report will be disregarded and forgotten, and rightly so – it was produced by a committee inclined to think that if we all stopped going on about racism it would go away

Thursday 01 April 2021 11:30 BST

At best, the report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is well-intentioned but self-satisfied, complacent and preordained. At worst, it is a deliberate and cynical exercise in what we have now come to call “gaslighting”.

Born out of a need to say or do something, anything, to respond to the Black Lives Matter protests last year – an explosion of pent-up frustration towards the racial injustices that still permeate British society – it has ended up, sotto voce, concluding that it is white working-class lives as much as anyone’s that are being undervalued and blighted by inequalities.

The whole BLM phenomenon, we are invited to believe, was based on a misreading of survey statistics. It is absurd.

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