Russia may be doing the west’s work for it in cutting gas to Bulgaria and Poland

Editorial: It makes the meandering internal political debate in western democracies about how and when to wean themselves off Russian natural resources null and void

Wednesday 27 April 2022 21:30
<p>Short, medium and long-term solutions have to be implemented immediately</p>

Short, medium and long-term solutions have to be implemented immediately

Such is the state of mind of Russia’s leadership that it is prepared to cut off a significant source of revenues for its own war machine in a fit of pique.

Misplaced national pride in the currency dictated a counterproductive move to demand payment for natural gas in roubles rather than, say, euros, dollars or indeed Polish zloty and Bulgarian lev. It seemed pointless anyway because the Russians could sell any foreign currency and buy roubles themselves, and thus prop up their ailing currency.

However, they have cut the supply of gas to Poland and Bulgaria, as threatened. It will push the cost of gas higher, and cause some disruption in the countries concerned; but – given a choice between Russian domination and higher gas bills – the governments in Warsaw and Sofia have no option but to put their freedoms first.

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