It is the responsibility of the whole country, not just schools, to make sure no child is left behind

Editorial: Young people, through no fault of their own, have had their education disrupted – society at every level must help to minimise the damage

Monday 08 March 2021 00:08

It is a milestone of huge significance. Schools in England start reopening tomorrow, while those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will follow shortly.

There is, of course, high symbolism for two reasons: this is the first substantial sign that the country is returning to some sort of normal life; second, it signals that the education of children is, and must remain, at the forefront of national priorities.

Substantial and reasonable concerns remain, however. As The Independent has reported, more than one-third of the public believes the government is moving too swiftly with the reopening. This caution is quite understandable, given the experience the country has had of previous lockdowns ending prematurely.

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