The government’s snap judgement on travel quarantine rules will only invite more chaos

Editorial: At the very least, it could give slightly more notice of its intentions so people can make better-advised plans

Friday 07 August 2020 18:25 BST
Few travellers seem to be asked to say where they will be for the next 14 days
Few travellers seem to be asked to say where they will be for the next 14 days (PA)

It is like a malign game of bingo. Under effective house arrest for months, travellers heard the optimistic noises coming from the tourism industry and ministers and took the opportunity to book a break.

Now, though, they are having to look nervously at their smartphones and iPads to see whether their number is up, and they have to hurry home before compulsory quarantine on return kicks in; or forget about going in the first place.

Unlike bingo, the choices are not entirely random and are determined by the state of coronavirus control (even where it may be superior to Britain’s). Thus Belgium, the Bahamas and the niche destination of Andorra find themselves on the compulsory quarantine list, joining Spain, Luxembourg and Portugal. Chancellor Rishi Sunak, acting as a kind of anti-tour guide, stresses that there’s always a risk with holidays, amid concerns that France could be next to join the quarantine list.

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