The shocking before and after pictures of meth addicts - warning: disturbing images


Laura Davis
Friday 07 December 2012 12:53 GMT

Warning: contains disturbing images

An anti-drugs video has been created, warning of the horrific effects methamphetamine can have on users.

The video shows pictures of people's faces before and after they became hooked on the highly addictive drug, allowing addicts and potential users to see the immense physical impact.

Facial changes are clear to see just months after first taking the drug, with dramatic changes visible after a few years.

The concept for this was conceived by Deputy Bret King in 2004, from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. 

The officer began taking mugshots of people brought in to police custody more than once, showing the stark effects visually.

His Faces of Meth site says:

"The message is clear. Substance abuse will change your life in ways you never imagined. " also compares before and after images of users' faces (below) to show the scientific changes they experience to their appearance and health after using the drug, which is taken by 25 million globally:

"Addiction touches nearly every family, ravaging physical and mental health, relationships, and personal finances. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. No one is immune to the frightening long-term impact of hard drug abuse. What follows is a sobering depiction of REAL individuals who've fallen victim to the temptation of drug use - in this case, Methamphetamine - whose devastating effects are all too apparent."

Before and After Drugs (Meth)via

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