Letter: High policy

Nicky Gavron
Sunday 23 October 2011 07:00

High policy

Sir: Jonathan Glancey's piece "Upwardly Mobile" (31 January) raises interesting issues about the future development of London - in particular whether skyscrapers such as Sir Norman Foster's proposed Millennium Tower are an acceptable way forward.

In opposing this scheme the London Planning Advisory Committee (LPAC) is not setting itself against tall buildings per se. Rather, we argue that development should be controlled within an agreed planning framework, so that central London sites are viewed as an organic entity rather than as piecemeal "opportunities".

Within such a planning framework LPAC believes there is a need for specific policy on tall buildings, since in the wrong place these can be dominant and intrude on, rather than contribute to, the essential character of the capital.

Above all, as Mr Glancey rightly points out, we urgently need a directly elected London-wide authority. This is essential not only for architectural reasons, but also to plan for the social environmental and economic future success of Greater London and Londoners.


London Planning Advisory Committee

London SW1

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