Letter: Moon mystery

Andy Thomas
Sunday 23 October 2011 08:38

Moon mystery

Sir: Thomas Sutcliffe (television review, 25 February) is entitled to his opinions on Channel 4's discussion programme For the Love Of ... , which questioned the truth about the Nasa moon landings. However, as one of the participants, I have certainly not "convinced" myself that the Apollo moon landings "never took place" and neither had all of those on the panel.

Rather, some of us question the photographs which purport to be the evidence for the moon missions. The severe unexplained anomalies in these give rise to doubt about their authenticity. This does not necessarily mean Nasa did not go to the moon, but simply that, for reasons unknown, some or all of the publicly released photographs may be studio-posed publicity shots. Either way, Nasa has a case to answer.



East Sussex

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