Letter: The other UN

Mark Brown
Saturday 12 September 1992 23:02

LEONARD Doyle's guide to UN 'peace-keeping' forces ('Armies of peace patrol a world ravaged by war', 6 Spetember) was factual in what it chose to tell us, but may I venture some more pertinent questions and telling answers?

Q. What was the result of the UN's first involvement in a big international dispute?

A. The partition of Palestine in 1948, which effectively robbed the Palestinians of most of their land.

Q. Who really controls the UN?

A. In theory, the Security Council. In practice, the five permanent members of the council.

Q. Is Mr Doyle right to suggest that the UN's existence is irksome to US imperialism?

A. No, he isn't] The US constantly uses UN resolutions to lend legal legitimacy to its wars.

Q. Isn't it interesting that four of the UN's debtors are permanent Security Council members?

A. Yes,it is]

Mark Brown


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