Boris Johnson was once a vote winner – the Tories have no use for him now

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Friday 14 January 2022 17:25
<p>Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions this week </p>

Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions this week

Apart from confabulating and clowning, the only thing that Boris Johnson seems to do really well is get people to vote for him. But his recent partying misdemeanours have probably caused him to be less of an electoral asset. So it’s quite likely that his MPs will soon relieve him of his office, as that would be in their best interests.

Whether that would be the best course for the country remains to be seen, and would depend on who the MPs and 200,000 party members choose to succeed him. In a properly conducted democracy it would be seen as an outrage to have the leader selected by so few people, and a general election would have to follow in a fairly short time. There’s not much hope of that, though, is there?

Susan Alexander

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