The EU’s patience with Boris Johnson is wearing thin – quite right, too

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Monday 11 October 2021 15:55
<p>Did the prime minister rush through the withdrawal agreement? </p>

Did the prime minister rush through the withdrawal agreement?

Our government’s behaviour regarding Northern Ireland would not be considered credible in a work of fiction.

They were repeatedly warned that Ireland posed an intractable problem for Brexit. Boris Johnson rushed a deal through to “get Brexit done” and signed on the dotted line without bothering to think through, or possibly even read through, the protocol. Having committed us to a deal with the EU that could never work for the people of Northern Ireland, it is now somehow the fault of the EU that it isn’t working and somehow the EU’s responsibility to fix it.

Having behaved with impeccable restraint in the face of repeated adolescent tantrums from the UK throughout the tortuous process, the EU’s patience is understandably wearing thin. Boris Johnson has only himself to blame for whatever fallout comes our way.

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