It’s about ‘what I say, not what I do’ with this government

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Monday 25 October 2021 14:26
<p>Rishi Sunak will present his Budget this week </p>

Rishi Sunak will present his Budget this week

Your editorial has the headline “Sunak will be judged by his actions, not by his words”. If only.

Politicians know, and rely on it, that the vast majority of the electorate act as if once something has been announced it has happened.

Rishi Sunak is all about window dressing. When the truth emerges, the shortcomings will be someone else’s fault. Blame the NHS (nice people but couldn’t run a bath). Blame the railway companies (despite regulators allowing millions to go to investor dividends). Blame the transport companies (nothing to do with Brexit, it’s a lack of cafes and showers).

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