The national outrage over the Channel migrant crossings is bizarre

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Saturday 05 January 2019 17:59 GMT
Sajid Javid says UK will do 'everything we can' to thwart asylum claims from people crossing Channel

While I agree that the migrant issue points to flaws in the UK’s national security and raises the question as to why our defence and security is geared towards prominent, international operations rather than our own defence, I would also point out that I feel this “major incident” is being exaggerated.

It is not to be ignored that immigration to the UK can have major socioeconomic benefits, and even if it didn’t, is 200 or so immigrants over the past 2 months really a cause for national outrage?

Faye Blenkin
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Our esteemed home secretary asserts that the wretched folk arriving in rubber boats across the Channel may not be asylum seekers.

Maybe not. But what motivates them? Possibly they seek a better life through work and education, after all they seem to have had enough cash to kick this dream off.

Is this dream so different from the dream that brought our esteemed home secretary’s family from the Indian subcontinent to our shores?

The horrid expression, “Pull the ladder up, I’m OK”, springs to mind.

Tim Brook

Break it up, you two

It’s a little childish of me, I know, and not at all classy, but may I say to both Gavin Williamson and Sajid Javid as they squabble over their boats, budgets and bloody egos: “Go away and shut up”.

Beryl Wall
London, W4

A bad Brexit choice

Have you noticed how the political “debate” surrounding the sludge of Brexit has segued to one about deal or no deal? That is because even the hideous Gove finds he can sound firm and concerned and statesmanlike throwing out statements about how a no deal is “not an option”.

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It’s as if we’ve been hustled down a dirty alley by thugs. We are so dazed and confused that instead of thinking how we can get out of the alley we are now happy to consider whether we want our kneecaps shot off or our heads smashed in…

Amanda Baker

We need to reduce meat consumption

Caroline Lucas is right to highlight the issue of a meat tax. Livestock production is a significant contributor to climate change. You don’t have to be a hard vegan to make a difference by cutting meat consumption. With the future of the planet at risk, there are some tough choices to be made.

Chris Davey

Respect the (second) referendum result

I am tired of people saying “How many referendums do you need before you get the answer you want?” Yes, I voted Remain, and yes, I would like a second referendum.

But aside from the fact that it seems the only way to unblock the present impasse, I feel confident that most Remain supporters would, sadly, respect a repeat of the 2016 outcome, and would not ask for a third referendum.

Of course that’s quite a different matter, if we do leave, to a future general election where rejoining is a campaign issue.

Patrick Cosgrove​

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