I worry about what will actually be achieved at Cop26

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Sunday 31 October 2021 16:55
<p>Child activists join a march through Westminster during a ‘climate strike’ demonstration</p>

Child activists join a march through Westminster during a ‘climate strike’ demonstration

Ed Miliband’s words about Boris Johnson’s hosting of the Cop26 summit – “I worry that he’s in the vacuous back slapping mentality” – perfectly sum up the worry so many of us have about this conference.

Johnson is in his element when acting the jolly buffoon, when what we need is a person of impressive gravitas and wisdom. The teenager Greta Thunberg should be steering this group of political leaders, she has more sense in her little finger than they have collectively. Nothing, but nothing, matters more than saving the world from the humans that are currently killing it.

Johnson now drags down expectations in advance, and his chum Rishi Sunak has just proudly delivered a budget that encourages flying and driving.

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