It’s time the government levelled with us about Covid and the science behind ‘freedom day’

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Sunday 11 July 2021 16:45

Is it not time that the government levelled with the public about Covid? On 21 June, the reason given for delaying the release of all restrictions was so that more vaccinations could take place. It was a race between the vaccinations and the spread of the new Delta variant.

Over the ensuing period, vaccination levels have slumped, partly no doubt due to under-40s not being able to receive the AstraZeneca version. But probably more contributory has been a reluctance by some to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Delta variant has spread – predicted to reach 50,000 new infections a day by 19 July 2021. But apparently this does not now matter as we have effectively moved from seeking to squeeze out the variants, by a combination of vaccinations, lockdowns, masks and social distancing, to the herd immunity approach.

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