The government has lost control of Covid and is doing what the incompetent always do – blame others

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Thursday 21 October 2021 15:58
<p>Health secretary Sajid Javid during a Covid press conference </p>

Health secretary Sajid Javid during a Covid press conference

Hauliers are the problem one week, pig farmers the next, now it seems the public are to blame for not stepping up to have their booster jabs and threatening the health of the NHS.

The government continues to run around like headless chickens and doing what the incompetent do as a first line of defence – blame others. If they are keen to learn lessons, as they pretend they are, they need to understand that optimism and words are not enough. You need a plan – plan B, I would suggest – and you need capable, dedicated people to enact it. There is little sign of these in our present-day cabinet, and both the public and hard-pressed NHS staff are the ones who are paying for it.

Jane Mogford

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