I call on all young people to do their bit and get their Covid-19 vaccination

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Tuesday 27 July 2021 18:34
<p>The vaccine rollout is progressing across the UK</p>

The vaccine rollout is progressing across the UK

An entreaty to 18-30 year olds who are vaccine hesitant: life should be fun, shouldn’t it? Especially for the young, the unencumbered, the free, the untethered. But what kind of world do you want to be free in?

This Covid-19 era must have made you feel so confined, so restricted, so unfairly held back in your rightful pursuit of happiness, in your desire to travel, in your quest for adventure, for a social life.

Think of yourself, think of your friends, think of your family and think of how you want to design your future — and please get double-vaxxed. When asked in later life, “What did you do to help conquer Covid?” you will at least be able to say, “I did my bit and took the vaccine.” Whatever age, whatever politics, whatever health ethos, we're all on the same side here – humanity versus the virus and we can't let it win.

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