LETTER : Bad astrology

Richard Pascall
Sunday 23 October 2011 08:40

With reference to Iain Sharp's letter (2 March), it is not the reputation of astrology that is at issue but merely that of the astrologer who made the predictions referred to. Astrology has good and bad practitioners and should not be judged by those foolish enough to make such predictions in public.

Most people have only the experience of Mystic Meg and her like peddling their wares in the media. Comparing this form of astrology to the deeper, more personal subject that most astrologers study is like comparing one- day to Test cricket - it's fun, entertaining, sends most people home happy and makes a lot of money, but is it the real thing?

If those who decry astrology took the time to look a little deeper, they would be surprised at the depth and knowledge that the subject can bring.

Richard Pascall

Ashford, Middlesex

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