MPs should vote on the Brexit deal in line with their constituencies

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Saturday 17 November 2018 15:28
This would be far more representative than 650 MPs just using their own views to vote on the future of the UK
This would be far more representative than 650 MPs just using their own views to vote on the future of the UK

Instead of a second referendum, all MPs should hold meetings in their own constituencies to set out the terms of the proposed Brexit deal. At the end of the meeting, a vote should be taken to determine whether the constituents are in agreement (or not) with the deal.

The MPs should then return to parliament and vote in accordance with their constituents’ views – which might not necessarily be their own.

This would be far more representative than 650 MPs just using their own views to vote on the future on the UK.

Sarah Pegg
Seaford, East Sussex

Brexiteers are not musketeers

It is disappointing to discover even The Independent referring to Conservative nationalists as “Brexiteers”, with its implied rhyme conjuring up notions of musketeers or buccaneers with all their associations of gallantry, courage, and derring-do. I am sure that you would agree that this is hardly fitting for such unpatriotic, dishonest and cowardly individuals as Johnson, Rees-Mogg and the rest of their shabby crew and that it would be far more appropriate to refer to them as “Brexiters”.

Michael Rosenthal

We can’t blame absolutely everything on Brexit

Further to your article on Vauxhall closing, this idea has been mooted for a long time now and should not be blamed solely on Brexit. I read about this in the motoring press a year ago. Though I expect from now on any business failure will be blamed on the UK leaving the European Union.

David Wood

We are not ‘Little Englanders’

I see two of your correspondents (Letters) are using the term “Little Englander” to vent some spleen against those wanting to leave the EU (I voted Remain before anyone starts to curl their lip), but can I ask that they also include the term Little Welsher in their scorn, as Wales had the highest Leave vote of all in the referendum?

I bet they won’t though. It seems it’s fine to sneer at the English, but not OK to do the same for any other nation. The Welsh certainly wouldn’t stand for such racism directed towards them.

Penny Little
Geat Haseley, Oxfordshire

Don’t forget those who have died in recent wildfires

As a nation, we have been preoccupied this week with the plan for leaving the EU. Quite rightly too, as we are arguing about the future of our country. However, may I put in a word for another story that has been making news this week and that is the wildfires in California. I know it may seem a long way away from us, but what we are seeing is partly, or mostly, due to climate change. This will also, if we don’t address it properly, affect our entire nation.

The latest figures are appalling. Seventy-one deaths, a thousand people unaccounted for and 250,000 displaced from their homes. Think about the last number for a moment because we’re talking about the [equivalent numbers to the] town I live in and its neighbour being evacuated.

The US is a rich and prosperous country and will no doubt marshal the resources to rebuild. But I hope we never forget that these people have lost family or friends and their homes. I hope it isn’t a precursor to what climate change might mean for all of us, but I am concerned that it might be.

Steve Mumby

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Amber Rudd has rushed back to the cabinet

So the woman who resigned in disgrace having lied seemingly just five minutes or so ago over Windrush (and shamefully tried to blame her lie on her civil servants’ advice), has now been brought back by a desperate St Theresa of the Turncoats. Rudd furthermore is a woman who has not ruled out a second referendum. The only conclusion I can draw, is that the game is up for us Brexiteers.

Dai Woosnam

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