Priti Patel’s hypocrisy won’t wash with England fans

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Thursday 08 July 2021 14:32
<p>Home secretary Priti Patel</p>

Home secretary Priti Patel

Is the Priti Patel who has plastered social media with pictures of her in an England football shirt with the hashtag #FootballsComingHome the same home secretary who, just three weeks ago, denounced the England team for taking the knee in solidarity with the anti-racist movement? Is the Priti Patel now basking in reflected glory as the England side go into the final of Euro 2020, the same home secretary who said racists “had a right” to jeer at what she said was “gesture politics” from the England side?

Football may or may not be coming home. However, hypocrisy and political opportunism are already “home” in Priti Patel’s case.

Sasha Simic

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