The Government needs to stop posturing and actually do something about plastic

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Thursday 11 January 2018 16:37
Plastic pollution is damaging to sealife and humans
Plastic pollution is damaging to sealife and humans

Why do we tolerate gutless government… whatever the politics?

I am sick to death hearing about plastic bags and damage to the environment. For how many years has that debate dribbled along? Simple solution… give industry one year’s notice to get its act together then ban the bags’ very existence.

I am sick to death too with hearing about the woes of the NHS, another endless saga. Stop the political pontificating and take real action, and if that means raising our taxes so be it.

The problem is that politicians never really listen. Some years ago I wrote to the Government about excess packaging, citing a spade that came with its blade packaged in a plastic popper bag, a sticky label on its handle and another card label on a string – two of which were completely pointless.

I suggested that government could set up a website – a new Nimby, Not in My Bin – where people could report instances of overpackaged goods, and government could take the firms in question to task. Not the slightest response, surprise surprise.

As for Brexit… could government get back to running the country please?

Sam Weller

Hide Trump’s phone

Could I suggest that someone confiscate the phone of Donald Trump so as to give North and South Korea a chance to resolve their differences without the inane interference of his tweets. We will survive without the laughter he brings us with his comments.

Michael Pate​

No patrolling here

One line stood out to me in the excellent report on the Ritz Hotel Paris jewellery robbery.

It stated that a patrolling police officer had been able to apprehend three of the perpetrators as they fled the scene.

No chance of that happening in London, as we do not have any officers routinely out and about since the devastating cut-backs!

Robert Boston

Contradictory Conservatives

Compare and contrast the following remarks:

“Conservatism and conservation are natural allies.” Theresa May, January 2018.

“I think shale gas does have the potential to power economic growth in this country.” Theresa May, October 2017.

“The discovery of shale gas in the United States has been a revolution. We will therefore develop the shale industry in Britain.” Conservative Manifesto 2017.

“It is exciting to have a real crisis on your hands, when you have spent half your life dealing with humdrum issues like the environment.” Margaret Thatcher on the Falklands War, 1982.

Sasha Simic

Many families do take a role in caring for elderly relatives

Having been named in Michael Pate’s letter (“Family values”, Voices, Wednesday), I feel I must respond. I am a social worker working with older people and I have been a social worker for 26 years. Social work is about empowering people and helping them and their families to develop solutions to their difficulties. It is not about making judgements on people or their carers.

There are times when older people can feel they are a burden to others or they don’t see their relatives as much as they would like, but these are the difficulties that older people face when they are more isolated and more dependent on others.

I do not see the carers that Pate appears to feel are the norm. I know how busy community nurses are and how little time they have in their visits and I am sure it is easy to make judgements when you see one side of the coin only. I work a lot with carers and I feel the impression that Pate is giving your readership is unfounded in the main and is totally unfair to all those families who give so much.

Nicki Bartlett

We’ve heard it all before

Nigel Farage says a second poll could kill off the Brexit issue “for a generation”.

In making the case for the first referendum in 2015, David Cameron made the same point in even stronger terms:

“You, the British people, will decide. At that moment, you will hold this country’s destiny in your hands.

“This is a huge decision for our country, perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And it will be the final decision.”

John Doherty
Vienna, Austria

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