Trump's victory was a revolt against reason, not the elite

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Saturday 19 November 2016 13:42
The President-elect’s inauguration is expected to take place on 20 January
The President-elect’s inauguration is expected to take place on 20 January

The Trump victory has been widely presented as an “anti-elitist revolt”, but what exactly is meant by “elite” here? Given that Trump won the high-income vote, and Clinton the low-income vote, it's clearly nothing to do with wealth.

Conversely, an analysis of the vote by level of education shows that Clinton won the more-educated vote, and Trump the less-educated. In other words, this “anti-elitist revolt” is in fact a revolt against learning; against science; against reason itself.

Mike Wright

We should delay Brexit and start saving

Given the costs involved in renovating Buckingham Palace, wouldn’t it be a better idea to postpone Brexit for a few years, enabling the Palace to employ cheaper Romanian and Polish workers? It would also be feasible to ask the French to build HS2 to Birmingham and Leeds for a fraction of the currently projected price.

This would give Britons an opportunity to save for the bill of £100bn projected as necessary payments when Britain does indeed leave the EU.

Michael Rolfe

Let’s be honest when discussing NHS cuts

Andrew Grice, writing on the NHS, trots out the Government propaganda that the NHS is to receive an extra £8bn pounds by 2020 while making £22bn efficiency savings. This is, surely, a £14bn pounds reduction in funding. We all know “efficiency saving” is a euphemism for “cuts” so please say so.

Alan Pack


We are living in an Orwellian nightmare

For Theresa May to describe an administration that planned to collect data on race from schoolchildren as centralist confirms we are living in an Orwellian dystopia where newspeak is the norm.

Mark Grey
Covent Garden

We are regressing into the past

All my life, and I am an old woman now, I have wondered how it was that an educated people could support a man like Hitler, and how anyone could countenance children being marched into gas chambers.

I look around at the world today, and now I know.

Helen Maclenan
Address supplied

The timing is impeccable

While the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse is struggling, who chose to time the announcement of £369million earmarked for Buckingham Palace on the very date publicly earmarked for Children in Need?

Reverend Richard James

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