The government must understand that migration and the climate crisis go hand in hand

We must adopt and fight for border policies that stop playing games with human lives, writes Scarlett Westbrook

Saturday 01 April 2023 18:12 BST
Migration and asylum could not be more of a climate issue
Migration and asylum could not be more of a climate issue (AP)

Since I became a teenager, I have spent countless hours with MPs or in parliament pushing climate action, coming across countless politicians proclaiming their care for both young people and the environment.

Yet, these same MPs’ actions portray a very different picture to their empty words as they continue misleading the people whose futures they are destroying.

With the most recent IPCC report stating that our existing fossil fuel infrastructure will already increase global heating past 1.5C, we should be seeing politicians rapidly implementing the decarbonisation measures essential to meet the carbon targets outlined by the report, which has been dubbed as a “climate survival guide” because of the enormous projected extent of climate collapse if things don’t change.

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