The one thing that could stop me being re-elected as London mayor

New rules making it compulsory to have an approved form of ID – a deliberate attempt to reduce turnout – are putting the election on a knife-edge, writes mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Friday 15 March 2024 12:18 GMT
Sadiq Khan: ‘I am under no illusion; I could lose’
Sadiq Khan: ‘I am under no illusion; I could lose’ (Reuters)

The London mayoral election on 2 May is going to be a close race between me and the Tory candidate – and I am under no illusion: I could lose.

Many people don’t realise yet that the Tory government has changed the voting system to make it much more likely that their candidate will win. Instead of getting a first and second choice for mayor, this time round you will only get one vote. This means a vote for any party other than Labour only makes it more likely that Londoners will end up with a Tory mayor.

The choice could not be starker. It’s between someone who is committed to supporting Londoners through the cost of living crisis, and has a positive vision to carry on building a fairer, greener and safer London for everyone, and the hard-right Tory candidate who is hostile to progressive values and would only take us backwards.

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