As lockdown eases, I can’t wait to do some ‘proper’ shopping

I am so bored now that all I really want to do is mooch around Covent Garden, writes Jenny Eclair

Monday 22 February 2021 21:30 GMT
I will admit to missing the physical act of going shopping
I will admit to missing the physical act of going shopping (Getty/iStock)

It’s been a few weeks since I actually stepped foot inside a shop. After months of scrapping with non-mask wearers and “Covidiots” in my local supermarket, I finally did what I should have done almost a year ago and sorted myself out with click & collect.

I have a feeling the supermarket staff are as grateful as I am at this change of events. Most of them will be massively relieved that I’m no longer darkening their doors and making a nuisance of myself by hounding and hectoring anyone flouting the face-covering rules.

And before anyone starts banging on about “the medically exempt”; yes, I did always ask – politely – before descending into a full tirade. I think the worst experience was when an enquiry about why someone wasn’t wearing a mask met with a torrent of verbal abuse, including the command to “go suck my mum”. This was the triggering incident that drove me into the arms of click & collect – and I’ve never looked back.

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