Superman is a refugee who found asylum in America – so of course he's a socialist

While Superman has always retained his Kryptonian culture, he fully integrated himself into American life, got educated and refused to be a burden, working hard at two jobs

James Moore
Saturday 16 September 2017 12:38 BST
Red or undead: the beloved American hero has been accused of spreading communist thought
Red or undead: the beloved American hero has been accused of spreading communist thought (DC Entertainment)

Truly we are living in the end of days: Superman has gone socialist!

In the latest issue of Action Comics (#987 Super fans), the one time exemplar of truth, justice and the American Way, steps in to defend a group of illegal immigrants from an enraged, Stars and Stripes bandana-wearing white guy who’s about to pepper them with bullets.

Worse still, after the baddie rants about how they “stole” from him (he’s just lost his job), an angry Supes lectures him about taking responsibility for his actions.

He then adds insult to the injury he’s done to the American people through these actions, by telling a policeman to look after the victims. He’s a Commie!

We have Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston to thank for drawing attention to this abomination, and exposing the evil liberal plot by the writers at DC Comics.

You’d rather hope that he had his tongue in his cheek when he wrote the piece castigating the good people there, criticising the course they have charted for the Man of Steel. But it’s hard to see much sign of that when you read it.

The writing was on the wall, you understand, as far back as 2011 when Superman declared himself to be a citizen of the world (so you’d better not get caught reading it in Downing Street) rather than an American.

Then in issue 900, he got cross with a US official for ticking him off when he flew over to Tehran to stand in silent support of democracy protestors, while failing to use his superpowers to wreak havoc among the mullahs. Bad Superman!

The next thing you know he’ll be dumping all-American gal Lois Lane in favour of dating the Muslim sister of Green Lantern Simon Baz.

Fly like superman on the world's longest zip line - in the middle of the desert

From reading his piece, it seems Mr Huston is, like me, a bit of a geek. But if so, I might venture to suggest that he is in need of a bit of a refresher course on what he was writing about. Perhaps he should pick up some back issues at his local comic store, or, if he’s too busy, order some of the graphic novel reprints from Amazon?

You see, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see Supes stepping in to defend illegal aliens: he is one.

In point of fact, he’s a refugee, who was sent to earth by his folks to seek asylum from the destruction of his home planet Krypton.

Under the terms of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, he is a Dreamer.

He was younger than 18 when he entered the US by crash landing close by the Kansas farm owned by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He should have proof of having arrived in the US before age 16, and of continuous residence. He graduated from an American high school in Smallville, and is unquestionably of good moral character: he’s Superman!

There is, if you think about it, something that Reagan-era Conservatives, the ones who went all mushy when the Gipper talked about America as a “shining city on a hill”, might draw from his story too.

While Supes has always retained his Kryptonian culture (what do you think the Fortress of Solitude is all about?) he fully integrated himself into American life, got educated and refused to be a burden, working hard at two jobs (mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and saving the universe).

But Mr Huston’s reaction to Action #987 is rather indicative of just how badly that shining city has since been tarnished by the bile of Reagan’s heirs.

He’s probably right, mind. It does seem that the comic book’s creators were making a point (the cover is emblazoned with the word “Hope”) and one that seems to have hit home with Mr Huston.

Although if their take on Superman is a self-consciously liberal one, it’s more of the mainstream, Hollywood, hand-wringing variety than the red-blooded, fire and brimstone Bernie Sanders-supporting type.

In the same issue, he also reprimands a guy about to shoot up a mansion belonging to a one per cent-er (although it’s given much less prominence than bandana man).

Still, I have to say thanks to Breitbart, and Mr Huston, for taking offence. As a result, I should be able to claim an issue of Action Comics on expenses, and got to spend an afternoon writing about it. It made the end of the week a super one for me.

Now, how about Marvel joining in the fun? They could, perhaps, depict Captain Britain defending a group of illegal immigrants in London from a skinhead in a Union Jack T-shirt. Under the direction of the baddie, MayFarage?

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