UK weather: Beast from the East II could bring snow to Scotland and Northern England next week

Parts of northeastern England could see up to 30cm snow on Wednesday 

Eleanor Sly
Tuesday 12 January 2021 14:56
<p>A Met Office yellow weather warning for snow is in place for Scotland and northern England later in the week&nbsp;</p>

A Met Office yellow weather warning for snow is in place for Scotland and northern England later in the week 

The north of England is likely to see snow Thursday with the possibility of a Beast from the East 2 by mid next week. 

Snow could even move further south to the Midlands and potentially a little further east too. Wetter ground and warmer temperatures further south could prevent much of the snow from settling here, so it may only stick further north. 

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said that in areas of northern England and Scotland, rain could turn to snow. He added: "through Thursday itself there'll be further rain across the bulk of the UK and this could bring some fairly significant snow a bit further southwards through Thursday."

A Met Office yellow warning for snow and ice is in place for much of Scotland and northern England, with suggestions that travel could be disrupted from 8am on Wednesday to 9pm on Thursday.

This snowfall would be due to a band of rain meeting with a cold front of air in northern England and Scotland.

Parts of northeastern England could see 2cm to 5cm of snow on lower levels, 15cm on the hills and up to 30cm of snow is possible in parts of Scotland.

Alex Deaken from the Met Office said that exactly where the snow will fall is unknown and that there is “a fair bit of uncertainty about exactly how much [snow] we’re going to see.”

Northern Ireland will experience particularly heavy rain and a Met Office yellow weather warning has been announced for the area on Wednesday.

This wet weather front will continue to move across the country on Thursday, leaving the southwest and moving into East Anglia. This should leave sunny spells for western parts of the country.

The weekend could see yet more wintery weather, with Mr Burkill saying there could be "heavy rain and also some significant snow particularly for central parts of England."

The meteorologist suggested that temperatures could drop even further again next week, adding that there is "very much a possibility" of a Beast from the East number two.

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