10 best water bottles

Carry your H20 or tipple of choice in a portable, eco-friendly vessel

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Shelling out a few pounds on a refillable water bottle is a great way to save money on bottled water in the long run, as well as being environmentally friendly. All of these bottles are free of BPA, a chemical found in plastic that has been linked to a rising number of human illnesses and have been tested to ensure they don’t leak.

1. Kleen Kanteen - 800ml, £14, amazon 


Made from high-quality stainless steel, this hardy water bottle doesn’t become smelly from overuse like plastic ones can. The mouth is large enough to pop some ice cubes in for the summer months, and it’s easy to clean with a brush. Comes in a range of sizes and loads of bright colours.  

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2. Citrus Zinger Sports - 600 ml, £15, amazon


Enjoy a twist of lemon, lime or grapefruit in your water on the go. This innovative bottle has a juicer to keep your water zesty all day, which can easily be removed if you prefer your H20 plain-tasting. With a one-handed operated straw, it’s also easy to use in the gym if you need a citrus hit.  

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3. Water/Vodka Happy Jackson - 600 ml, £10, amazon


If you’re not afraid of advertising your love of alcohol to your friends and colleagues, this could well be the water bottle for you. With its flip top and carry handle, it’s well-designed for those constantly on the go (and occasionally on the sauce). 

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4. Brita Fill & Go - 600ml, £16, amazon


Filter your tap water with this bottle that reduces chlorine, chalk and other impurities. The Brita filtering disk slots into the top of the bottle and will keep your water extra-fresh for a week. The no-spill straw makes this sleek design all the more practical. Also available in blue, grey and pink. 

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5. Bobble - 550ml, £8, John Lewis


You’ve probably seen a fair few people carrying one of these distinctive-looking, cleverly designed bottles with a carbon filter that removes any nasties from the water. With silicon caps in eye-catching colours, and a recyclable filter to match, this is one you’ll always be able to find in your bag. Each filter will last around two months. 

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6. Snugpak - 500ml, £6, Outdoor GB


Snugpak is better-known for making super-light sleeping bags and outdoor clothing. The brand also makes a lightweight water bottle for on-the-go hydration. Made from aluminium, it weighs the same as a plastic bottle and comes in olive green and black with a ring and carabiner so you can clip it onto the outside of your pack. 

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7. Water to Go filtration - 750ml, £25, amazon


Ideal for travelling abroad, the filter in this bottle gets rid of impurities and bacteria from local water. Take it through customs empty and fill it up on the other side. Also good for hikers who aren’t so keen on filling up bottles from mountain streams. 

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8. Chilly’s Bottles - 260ml, £15, amazon


Keep your tea hot during the winter and your water cool in the summer with one of these innovative sleek-looking bottles . They come in a range of colours, all stamped with the brand’s distinctive chilli pepper logo, and are available in larger sizes. 

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9. Memobottle - 750ml, £22, The Fowndry


Here’s one for the style-conscious who don’t want a bottle bulking up their bag. It’s designed to hold as much as the standard rounded bottle, but it’s only 3cm deep and can easily slot into your laptop bag, or designer clutch bag. 

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10. Jack Wolfskin Thermo Sport - 500ml, £19, amazon


This sturdy bottle has a particularly large mouthpiece, which means you can drink your water with one hand, making it ideal for drinking while you hike. As you’d expect from a brand that specialises in mountain-ready equipment, you can clip a carabiner to the cap. 

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Chilly’s Bottles are useful all year round, keeping your tea warm in the winter and water cool in the summer. The bottles prevent bad odours building up and always make the water taste fresh. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit your on-the-go needs.

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