The 50 best grooming gear

Look smart, men! Lee Holmes has all you need to clean up your act


1. Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

This is the unimaginatively titled follow-up to Jacobs' fragrance, Bang. However, the smell is pretty special with sandalwood and a base of musk.


How much: £44.99 for 100ml

2. Kent's Badger Shaving Brush

No discerning gentleman should be without a badger brush. This one even comes in its own case, making it the perfect travelling companion.


How much:£80

3. (Malin + Goetz) Body moisturiser

Applying moisturiser can be messy but this product melts into the skin quickly, meaning that you can get dressed as soon as you put it on.


How much:£23 for 220ml

4. Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Flossing is important but it can be fiddly. This is where the Sonicare Airfloss comes in. Fill the canister with mouth wash and squirt away.


How much:£60

5. Bolin Webb Razor

Gone are the days of the ugly disposable razor. Coming in four different colours depending on your mood, this razor has a wide sturdy handle making it easier to hold.


How much: £35

6 Oral-B Professional

The Smart Series 5000 is approved by the Dental Health Foundation. The brush head pulsates, rotates and oscillates, removing more plaque and the battery charge lasts for 10 days.


How much:£139.99

7. Givenchy Gentlemen

Here's a classic that packs a real punch with its heady mixture of vetiver and cinnamon. And at its heart is a healthy dash of patchouli making this a powerful and masculine scent.


How much:£29.99 for 50ml

8. Shiseido Adenogen

This shampoo helps to prepare the scalp for hair growth. It contains a vitamin E derivative that helps supply nutrition to weakened hair roots.


How much: £25 for 300ml

9. Aromatherapy De-Stress Body Wash

A great shower gel to use anytime but ideal at the end of a long day to soak with in the bath thanks to relaxing camomile, frankincense and rosemary.


How much: £21.50 for 200ml


How much: £44.99 for 100ml

10. Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Lip Balm

Loaded with coconut and sunflower oil this balm nourishes sore lips. The beeswax locks in moisture while the peppermint oil gives a refreshing tingle.


How much: £3.95

11. Razor Pit

A handy solution to dull blades. It uses a friction technology to clean and sharpen your razors. Most importantly, it's compatible with most high street disposable-razor blades.


How much: £18.95

12. Marvis Toothpaste

Liquorice and mint make a distinctive partnership when it comes to toothpaste. This makes the teeth and gums feel almost tingly and it contains fluoride which fights tartar.


How much: £5.50 for 75ml

13. Augua de Colonia

This historic cologne is from one of Madrid's oldest fragrance houses. Combining Spanish lavender with geranium, rosemary and thyme, this scent is uplifting and timeless.


How much:

14. American Crew Stimulating Conditioner

Acombination of menthol, peppermint and rosemary in this conditioner invigorate the nasal passages and the scalp. It also helps to reduce oily residue.


How much: £10.50 for 250ml

15. Foot Doctor

Give your neglected feet some TLC and book a Foot Doctor treatment at Groom. Your feet will be scrubbed and polished to within an inch of their lives.

Where: Groom at Selfridges 020 7499 1199

How much:£60

16. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

This liquid facial soap contains peppermint oil, a mild stimulant that can help to unblock your nasal passages.


How much:£8.49 for 472ml

17 Espa Scalp Mud

This pink mud is a great conditioning treatment which works wonders for your hair and scalp. Apricot oil soothes while the mud stimulates circulation strengthening the hair follicle.


How much: £31 for 180ml

18. Yes to Carrots Mask

Slather this softening facial mask all over your mug. Leave for five minutes then wash off. It purifies and tightens the skin leaving a cleaner complexion.


How much:£12.95

19. Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert

Vetiver's sweet, smoky smell is an integral part of most masculine scents. This punchy number uses Italian vetiver mixed with bergamot and mandarin.


How much: £75 for 100ml

20. Gielly Green Classic

Looking for a shampoo for everyday use and willing to spend a little more money? Look no further. This shampoo is PH balanced and nourishes your hair with a rich lather.


How much: £16 for 200ml

21. Philosophy Hands of Hope

This is a life-saver if you have cracked skin on your hands. It has a non-greasy formula and its smell is almost non-existent.


How much: £9 for 30ml

22. Kyoku Facial Moisturisers

What do you get when Kyoku mixes ancient Japanese skincare knowledge with up-to-theminute scientific research? You get the ultimate grooming line for active urban lifestyle.


How much:

23 Rituals Shaving Set

This shaving set holder comes in a simple silver design, adding a splash of glamour to your bathroom ablutions. And as it's reasonably priced, you don't have to break the bank.


How much:£19

24 Philips DIY Hair Clippers

If you like to keep your plate cleanly shaven then these clippers come highly recommended. The head rotates 180 degrees giving you the most comfortableshave possible.


How much:£60

25 Terre D'Hermes

As the name of this Hermes fragrance suggests, this scent is very earthy and woody. It's a reassuring smell with undertones of vetiver and cedarwood.


How much: £70 for 100ml

26. Gielly Green Classic Conditioner

If you're going to splash out on expensive shampoo for daily use then you may as well get the conditioner as well. This won't strip your hair of essential oils.


How much:£16 for 200 ml

27. Dr. Hauschka Body Wash

Big suds can be loaded with harsh foaming agents. This bodywash uses simple biodegradable materials which makes a lighter lather that cleans without irritating.


How much: £9.95 for 150ml

28 The Organic Pharmacy Ultra Light Moisture Gel

This gel instantly hydrates tired winter skin. There's also a dab of liquorice which can help to sooth razor burn.


How much: £32.95 for 75ml

29. Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula

If you're left with blotchy skin after shaving try this cream. It has soothing botanical extracts and forms a protective cushion between your skin and razor.


How much:£16 for 240ml

30 Philips Body Groomer

Unsightly or excess hair is today a no-go area for men. The Bodygroom PRO from Philips is great for trimming. Its flexible head moves with the contours of your body.


How much:£76.60

31. Santal 33

If you favour a smoky fragrance then you'll be very taken with this. It's a unisex perfume but it has heavy undertones of leather and dry cedarwood which gives it a masculine hit.


How much:£132 for 100ml

32 Jason Extra Volume Shampoo

If you're going a bit thin on top but don't want to go to the extremes of say, Wayne Rooney, then this shampoo adds extra volume and bounce to fine hair.


How much:£8.29 for 240ml

33 Jason Sun Block

Here's a mineral-based sunscreen that is chemical and fragrance free providing both UVA and UVB protection. It's also very easy to rub in and doesn't leave a white film.


How much:£13.99 for 113ml

34. Espa Men Age Rebel Eye Hydrator

The skin around the eye is very fragile so help to restore it with this eye hydrator. It's rich in antioxidants and suitable for any skin type.


How much: £35 for 25ml

35. Capt Fawcett's Moustache Wax

The humble moustache is humble no more these days. Coming in three aromas you can twirl your tache to your heart's content with this pot of wax.


How much:£9 for 16ml

36. Braun Shaver Series 7

This has to be the most technologically advanced electric shaver to come from Braun. Not only can it adjust its power to the density of your beard, it also has three different modes.


How much: £299.99

37. Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme

This was the first male fragrance thatYves Saint Laurent created. The masculine packaging hides light lemon, lavender and sage notes.


How much:£73 for 80ml

38. Wella Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Putty

The Teddy Boy is a big summer trend, so if you've got the hair for it, you're going to want to get practising your quiff with this cheap but cheerful putty.


How much:£2 for 150ml

39. Philosophy Shower Gel

This is a great shower gel for first thing in the morning as the lime fragrance is zesty and refreshing – certain to get your mind and body pumping.


How much: £14.00 for 480ml

40. Givenchy Man Absolute Fatigue Fighter

If you're looking a bit pasty at this time of year, you're not alone. This serum promises to hydrate your tired old epidermis. Use after washing.


How much:£24.50 for 50ml

41. Dude No1 Beard Oil

Even beards can have their off days. Here's a beard oil that not only moisturises and repairs, but it's also infused with cedar leaving you smelling clean and fresh to boot.


How much:£50 for 30ml

42. Remington Nose and Ear Trimmer

Unruly nose and ear hair is never a good look. This trimmer comes with two interchangeable heads. It's also shower proof.


How much:£12.99

43. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Designer Tom Ford had the true connoisseur in mind with this scent. It has a heady combination of saffron, thyme jasmine and, of course, leather, giving an intense impact.


How much:£285 for 250ml

44. Carter and Bond Matt Putty

This hair putty can be used on both dry and damp hair. It's great if youwant the big hair option, but it's equally as good at keeping hair in good order.


How much: £12 for 100ml

45. Body Shop Loofah Mitten

This hand mitten is a good way of exfoliating the whole body. Ust it while you're taking a shower to stimulate the skin's epidermis and wash away dead skin cells.


How much:£5

46. Deluxe Wet Shave at The Barber at Alfred Dunhill

Shaving can be a daily chore. Treat yourself to having someone do it for you at the Alfred Dunhill Spa. You'll leave with skin as soft as a baby's bottom.


How much: £60

47. Byredo Parfums Mister Marvelous

Now here's an inspiring name for a men's fragrance. Mandarin and lavender are blended with black amber which make an unusual but marvellous scent.


How much: £130 for 100ml

48. ghd Hair Straighteners

Boys borrowing their girlfriends' hair straighteners is much more common than it sounds. Ghd are now marketing smaller, discreet straighteners which will please boys and girls.


How much: £119

49. Creed Spice and Wood

In an industry dominated by celebrity brands its refreshing to discover Creed is still a family- run perfume house. Its latest has top notes of bergamot, lemon and apple.


How much:£375 for 250ml

50. I-Stubble Babyliss for Men

If you want to tailor the length of your facial hair then the IStubble with its motorised length control feature is the product for you.


How much:£59.99

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