8 best shower radios

Keep the tunes going while you wash with our pick of the best in-shower gadgets

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Shower radios have come a long way in recent years. The days of the clunky square radio are long behind us. Forget batteries; we have radios powered by water pressure.

Or maybe you fancy a glimpse of yourself while you're singing in the rain?  If so, try the Konig Mirror radio. Whether you’re looking for a simple device to hang up by your shower head, or a wind-up radio to save money on batteries, we’ve got it covered.

1. H2O Water Powered Shower Radio, £8, amazon


This eco-friendly radio is powered by water pressure alone. Installed above or below the taps, the water pressurises a turbine generator, which powers the radio. Excess energy is stored in the battery, so you can listen to it when it isn’t charging. It even stores the last station and volumes levels you input, ready for your next scrub. 

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2. Konig Shower Radio with Mirror, £13, amazon


This is a clock, a radio and yes, a mirror. For such a small device, the volume packs quite a punch, perfect to drown out a noisy shower. Stand it upright, or stick it on the wall with the suckers provided.

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3. Re-Wind Eco Friendly Wind-up Splash-proof AM/FM Shower Radio, £14, amazon 


Save money on batteries with this compact, long-life wind up radio. Wind it for one minute and it will last the duration of your shower. A support stand means it can be kept upright or hung, and it has a USB slot if winding isn’t your thing. 

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4. Roberts Splash! DAB/FM Shower Radio, £100, John Lewis


This DAB (digital) radio will give you 60 hours of listening, meaning you can rock out to your heart’s content. It tunes automatically, and allows you to pre-set your favourite stations. The loud and sharp sound quality will drown out any splashing noises, but beware, as it only takes rechargeable batteries. 

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5. Steepletone Penguin Shower Radio, £16, amazon


An emergency call button means this novelty penguin is more than just a radio, should you slip in the shower or even worse, forget your towel.  Tune the radio channel using the penguin’s fins.

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6. Roberts Terrain 3-Band Rugged Radio with Water and Impact Resistant Casing, £100, amazon


OK, so it is a bit clunky and oversized. But what It lacks in style, it makes up with sound quality and battery life. This baby will last up to 70 hours on rechargeable batteries, and the deep bass means speech radio and music sound great on it. Outside of the shower you can use one of the jack plugs and blast out some tunes through your tablet, computer or smart phone. 

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7. Basic XL Waterproof Bathroom Duck Radio, £10, amazon


No bathroom collection is complete without a rubber ducky, now is it? This firm favourite will keep the kids happy, and at £9.99, won’t cost the earth either.

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8. Shower Tap Radio, £12, amazon


Attach this dirt-cheap radio anywhere in the bathroom, turn the “tap” on and you’re away.  Too much static? Unroll the wire aerial provided for better reception and splash away. It can’t rival the more expensive models but for around a tenner, it’s a fun buy.

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Our pick's the H20 Water Powered Shower Radio. The innovative design claims to be the world’s first shower radio powered by water, and that must count for something. It's an investment too, because unless you’re running out of the water any time soon, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

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